10 Tips to Control Diabetes

Diabetes refers to high levels of sugar in the blood. Most of the men affected with this disease acquired it out of their will, though unknowingly while the rest might have got it due to hereditary factors.


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Whichever way, controlling this disease is very vital as its advanced stages can result in untimely death. Several ways of achieving this as seen in the following paragraphs:


Carrying out regular exercise is one of the best means of controlling this disease. Lifting weights or occasional nature walks early in the morning or late in the evening can help you achieve this.

Alternatively, you can allocate time and swim about three to four times a week as a way of exercising. This will assist in burning down excess calories and therefore reducing the blood sugar level.


Another way of controlling diabetes is having shorter but more regular meals as opposed to heavy meals. It will make sure that your body has the correct level of glucose in the blood.

Taking a heavy meal, especially one loaded with carbohydrates gives your body system a tiresome work in regulating the sugar standards within you.


Taking a meal rich in vegetable and fresh fruits can also help in controlling this disease. Fruits and most vegetables are known to have high fiber content.

Since fiber is necessary for good digestion, these fruits will ensure that the digestion is carried out efficiently resulting in less accumulation of sugar within the blood.

Related to this, taking plenty of water on a daily basis is also a key way of controlling diabetes in men. Since water eases digestion and assimilation of digested food, less glucose will be left in excess and hence fewer risks of being affected by diabetes.


Maintaining the amount of sugar in your diet can also help a great deal in controlling this disease. Foodstuffs rich in sugar like sweets and cakes should never form part of your regular diet.

The sugar level in your tea should also be observed. Another tip is the intake of carbohydrates with low sugar content. Whole grains, wheat rice, and pasta are the quality choice of carbohydrates with low sugar content yet rich in carbohydrates.


Making ginseng, an herbal plant, part of your regular meals will also do you great good in dealing with diabetes. This plant has always been proved to lower the glucose level within the blood.

Another tip is the inclusion of ginger in your diet as a mode of controlling diabetes in men. This arises from the fact that ginger is rich in zinc which helps in the production and storage of insulin, the hormone responsible for regulation of blood sugar level.


Another valuable step in this measure is taking plenty of bitter lemons. This can be obtained from fresh lemon juice or the fruit itself. Lemon has been proved to help in synthesis of beta cells, those responsible for the production of insulin.

Still, on foods, you can take dishes rich in chromium in an attempt of controlling diabetes. This important mineral helps the body in responding to insulin and therefore essential in lowering the sugar level in the blood.


Having regular blood check up is also a secret to managing sugar level in your blood. By knowing your actual blood sugar level, you will be in control of what you take as per your body’s requirement.

High glucose level will warn you of the intake of sugary foods and therefore keeping you in check.


If you can get access to alkaline antioxidant ionized water, have it as much as possible as it is very efficient in control of diabetes. Research has shown that consumption of acidic water can cause diabetes and therefore taking the alkaline option will put you at a lesser risk of getting it.


Another effective control of diabetes among men is focusing on weight loss in case you are obese. Since much weight is associated with high levels of fats and sugar, shedding off some weight will reduce the sugar level in your blood.


Injection of insulin hormone has always been used in controlling this disease for decades. By taking the appropriate doses without any hitches, the possibility of diabetes getting to advanced stages is minimized.

The last and most important way of controlling this disease has proper knowledge on the symptoms of diabetes. This will help in early diagnosis of this disease and therefore better chances of having it under control.