6 Extreme Yoga Poses for Women

Most women are usually interested in yoga mainly due to the great benefits that come out of it. The challenge, however, is to ensure that you can make the moves. There are different moves that different people can pursue.


All these moves ensure that you stay physically fit, but you should know that not all people can make the moves. There are some that are usually considered to be extreme therefore you should ensure that you are in a position to do it before trying it.

1. Reverse Star in Scorpion

In this move, one person lays on their back so that they have their legs raised in the air. You lie down while facing up. It requires two people.

Therefore, the other person is supposed to get on top of you so that you get to lift them using your legs. You can use your hands so that you support the legs.

The other person then folds their legs backward so that the big toes touch either the top or the back of their head. You are then supposed to hold in this position for some time. Just like the name suggests, the structure that is formed resembles the structure of a scorpion.

2. Hangle Dangle

Just like the name suggests, it involves getting to have someone at the top of the other so that they get to hang and support themselves while in that position.

One person lies down while facing up the raises one foot an approximately 900, the second the person gets at the top of the foot that is raised so that they get to balance their weight at the top.

The foot is supposed to support the person at the top, and you can use one hand so that you support the weight of the person at the top. Hold this position for a certain time.

3. Backbend

Just like the name suggests, it involves one getting to bend their back. This is not something that most people can do, but the process involves one standing straight with the feet a width apart. You then lower your upper body towards the backs of the hands straight up.

As you approach the floor, you land with the hands while the feet are still attached to the floor. In this position, you should create a “U” shaped position.

4. Firefly Pose on Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose

This move also required two people and is rather tricky. One person is supposed to do the backbend but this time, they get to land with the elbow instead of the hands. The head should also touch the ground at this position.

The second person then gets at the top and ensures that they balance the body while placing their hands on the hips of the person at the low end. They then stretch so that they get their legs to the front and outside the hands.

5. Peacock Posture

The name just gives it away. The posture is made so that it resembles that of a peacock. One person bends on the ground and lowers the abdomen.

The other person then gets on top of the back of the partner and with their hands at the hip of the person at the lower ground they raise their lower body upwards. At this posture, the feet should point upwards while one is bent. You then hold on to this position so for a given period.

6. Pyramid

The shape that people get to form with this move is that if a pyramid. This however required three people to carry out. Two people are at the low end, and one person makes a move at the top.

At the lower end, one makes the backward bend but in this case, they only land with a single hand.

The other hand is used to support each other since the second does the same move but on the opposite side.

They then hold each other with one hand. The third gets at the top and with the feet at the hips of one of the partners and the hands on the hips of the other partner they also do a backbend.