How to Burn 500 Calories a Day? – 20 Effective Ways

The best approach to losing excess fat is creating a calorie deficit on a daily basis. It’s about watching out your calorie intake and making sure that it is fewer than what your body would expend going through the errands of your regular routines.


Burning off 500 calories seems to be a good enough start to help you lose weight, keep your muscle tissues intact, and best of all, allow you to achieve your desired sculpt shape. To benefit from the principles of calories in < calories out, discipline is your best army.

You need to muster much of it to remember trimming down your food intake and getting more involved in activities that will facilitate your calorie burn objectives. Here are 20 simple fitness ideas that you could use as a guide.

Each allows you to burn at least 500 calories per day or 3,500 calories per week, to lose ideally a pound of weight for each week that you will push yourself to work hard.

  • Walk for one hour and 15 minutes: Brisk walking early in the morning is a great way to burn calories and enjoy the breeze at the same time.
  • Run for 30 minutes at 8mph speed: Running yields fast results and it would not require you any equipment to get into. If you do this regularly, you will be able to lose your body fat and burn the amount of calories that you aim for. You are also in danger of losing some lean mass, though, if it is done alone. So you need to beef up the results of your running activity with strength training to help you maintain the amount of lean muscles your body has, which also helps burn fat.
  • Jog for an hour at 5mph speed: If you can’t run, then, jog. This gentler pace can also deliver results but since you are doing it nice and slow, you have to do it double time to achieve the same results you would have achieved if you run.
  • Hike for 2 hours: An average stroll could help you burn calories, much more if you are doing it at a more challenging and speedier pace. When you hike, you get the best of everything: burning calories, enjoying a choice of diverse terrains, and getting close with beautiful nature you won’t get tired discovering over and over again.
  • Go rock climbing for an hour: This extremely popular sporting activity provides a full body workout that could deliver your desired calorie burn. It is also an amazing way to strengthen your upper body and give your leg some work to do. Plus, it is a lot of fun, too.
  • Swim for an hour: Swimming is a great calorie burner and an enjoyable activity as well. If you swim in a high intensity pace, you could easily achieve burning 500 calories within just an hour. As with running and jogging, expect to invest more time if you will just be cruising the pool.
  • Surf for an hour: This extremely enjoyable activity lets you enjoy the perks of challenging the waves while burning as much calories that you need for your fitness.
  • Indulge in an ice skating rink for an Hour: 60 minutes of roaming around the ice skating rink is an enjoyable activity that could help you burn the calories you need to.
  • Do a cross-country skiing for 40 minutes: Move across a pretty challenging terrain that’s covered with snow and you can easily achieve burning 500 calories in one go. That’s of course, if you do it for at least 40 minutes.
  • Row for 45 minutes: owing helps give your arm muscles a total workout. If you want more calculated results, you can forget about doing this outdoors and try the rowing machines, which can be found at the gym.
  • Play tennis for an hour: Tennis is a sport that requires much activity – running, fetching and hitting balls – moving your body a lot. If you play this sport continuously for 60 minutes, you will be able to burn that 500 calories you are aiming for. It’s a different case if you are playing a doubles match because naturally, you are not moved that much. So you will need to play longer.
  • Ride a bicycle for one hour and 15 minutes: Cycling is a great form of exercise and a serious calorie burner. You can also do this indoors as a full body workout that may be done at a high intensity pace with intervals for better results.
  • Get on a pair of rollerblades for 50 minutes: Strolling on rollerblades can give your body as much workout that it needs to burn a good amount of calories.
  • Ride a horse for 2 hours: Leisure horseback riding allows you to burn as much as 500 calories within a 2-hour period. If you are doing it as a sport and you are training for a competition, your calorie burn may be at a higher level, which means you can burn the amount of calories you desire for a shorter period of time.
  • Martial arts session: A session that lasts for 50 minutes is enough to feed your calorie burn requirements, whether it is simply martial arts, boxing, judo, tae kwon do, or krav marga and others.
  • Climb stairs for 50 minutes: Wherever there are stairs, there is that opportunity to burn 500 calories. Run up and walk down for 50 minutes and you will achieve your aim. Alternatively, you can do this on a stair climbing equipment at a fitness center or in your home gym.
  • Jump rope with intervals for a total of 50 minutes: Since jumping rope continuously for 50 minutes may be impossible, you may split it up to hit your aim. As long as your legs would permit it, keep hopping up and down from a rope until you piled up for the 50-minute requirement.
  • Strength training with minimal rest for 45 minutes: A high intensity strength training session is an ideal option to burn as much calories and retain as much lean muscles that you need to achieve a defined form that you desire. If you do it with maximum rest, you will have to lengthen your time by 30 more minutes.
  • Go for a boot camp workout for 45 minutes: Health holidays are popular nowadays. If you copy the intensity training they do at boot camps, you get to burn a good amount of calories along the way.
  • Mow your lawn for 2 hours: This is an ideal way to perceive a home chore so it doesn’t get burdensome. By mowing the lawn, you do not only get to maintain your yard’s charm but also burn the calories fast and easy.

Final Words

Burning calories does not have to be confined to gym works. There are lots of other activities – everyday activities – that you may use to achieve the shape and weight that you want for your body.

Have you decided which activities you may explore to help you burn 500 calories per day to get to your weight loss goal? Get started!