Beware of Diabetes: Probable Causes and Effects

Diabetes is a very serious disease in the body where there is too much sugar within that body, either due to the body not having enough insulin or because the cells in the body are not responsive to the insulin present in the body.


It is one of the highest ranked killer diseases in the world since a lot of people suffer from it, and most of them die due to late discovery when the disease has completely damaged a person’s health.​

This is why it’s advisable to create awareness about the causes of this particular disease so as to reduce the chances of people suffering as a result of lack of information.

Causes of Diabetes

1. Lack of Self-control

Lack of self-control is often the number one factor causing diabetes since most people always want to take in substances according to their cravings even without considering the health effects associated with the same.

This happens to be why those who take junk food often fall prey to the infection by diabetes and end up starting to make plans for treatment of the same.

2. Hereditary

Another cause is considered to be hereditary and that it often affects people according to the genes involved. In a family where there are a diabetic mother and father it is likely possible that the sibling will have diabetes and thus such cases should be checked to ensure early treatment is made.

Research has also shown that the risk of diabetes is prevalent mostly in older people as compared to the young and therefore making age another factor. Obesity also results in diabetes since the fatter someone gets, the higher the risk for diabetes.

3. Aging

Research has also shown that the risk of diabetes is prevalent mostly in older people as compared to the young and therefore making age another factor. Obesity also results in diabetes since the fatter someone gets, the higher the risk for diabetes.

4. Malnutrition

Malnutrition also has chances of causing diabetes since low protein and fiber with high intake of refined products usually lead to diabetes. It’s also necessary to take stress factors into consideration as they often also result into the chances of getting diabetes.

Long-term Effects of Diabetes

1. Stroke

Most diabetic people are likely to develop a heart disease. According to research, more than 60% of diabetic people die from a heart disease or stroke. The best way to avoid this is to avoid cholesterol and engage in regular exercises.

2. Blindness

Diabetes causes blindness, and if a diabetic person does not take care of his diabetic condition, he is more likely to get blind or even worse eye problems.

3. High Blood Pressure

Diabetes weakens the arteries in the body, and this makes it very easy for one to develop high blood pressure. High blood pressure is another serious condition that can easily lead to death or other permanent health conditions.

The best way to avoid this is by avoiding too much sodium in your diet and doing body exercises.

4. Dental Conditions

A person with diabetes automatically has too much glucose in the body. Too much glucose in the body system automatically leads to the damage of teeth and gum.

The only way to prevent or to put this condition under control is by taking care of your teeth and gum by regular brushing and regularly visiting the dentist for check up.

5. Cancer

Diabetic patients are most likely to contract some types of cancers. Although the cause of this is not yet clearly determined, the much that is known is that factors that increase the type 2 diabetes also increase the risk of getting cancer.

This fact is still being worked on, and there is no treatment measures or control that has been recommended yet.

6. Kidney Disease

A diabetic person, is most likely to develop a kidney disease. According to research, diabetes is the most common cause of kidney failure, and this cannot be avoided even if the patient is using the right diabetic control measures.

A diabetic person will experience a kidney failure, and this will occur after a long period. Controlling you blood sugar level will, however, buy you more time before you develop a kidney failure.

7. Nerve Damage

Excess sugar in the body damages the capillaries which are the smallest blood vessels in the body. Capillaries are very important to the nerve system because they are responsible for nourishing them so that they can be able to perform their work.

It is very easy for the nervous system of a diabetic patient to fail due to damage to the capillaries. This can lead to numbness to some parts of the body and pain.

8. Skin Diseases

Diabetes makes you more vulnerable to skin and mouth problems. These include fungal infections and bacterial infections and in mouth infections, this is where your gums and teeth are at risk of getting infected.

So far the only recommended way of controlling diabetes is by injecting insulin into the body.

Final Words

It’s necessary therefore that when one wants to avoid such chances of diabetes causing such awful damages to the body, s/he needs to take good care of his/her body and check on the type or choice of foods consumed.

This may cut down on our bodies getting affected and eventually help us live longer and healthier.​ ​We should try to exercise so as to cut down on the weight since the fatter someone is, the higher the chances of them getting infected by diabetes.

​The amount of sugar intake should also be regulated to help one keep track of their body and to help them live healthy by taking enough glasses of water regularly to ensure they regulate the sugar in the body.