20 Reasons Behind the Failure of Your Weight Loss Plans

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to lose weight, even after spending day after day in the gym, and eating healthy food? For some people, they spend all their money on gym memberships and exercise equipment, but after some time...


They start to lose the motivation because they just don’t seem to see any progress with their bodies. Stalled weight loss can happen for a number of reasons, and there is a good chance that...

One or more of these reasons have something to do with your body type or it could just be that you are doing something wrong in your fitness regimen. In this article, we have listed down 20 reason why after all your hard work, you just can’t seem to lose any weight.

20 Reason Why Your Weight Loss Is Delayed

If you can’t seem to find an explanation for why this sort of thing happens to your body, here are 20 reasons that you need to pay attention to, in order for you to understand why this sort of thing happens from time to time, especially if its going to be your first time to go on a diet or work out:

1. You Just Got into Dieting and Exercise

For obvious reasons; your body undergoes many different changes when you start to workout for the first time. If you are the type of person who just loves fast food, and you’ve been a couch potato for most of your life, then this type of change is going to jolt your body.


Going from couch potato to healthy living and extremely active? There’s a huge possibility that you wont loose a single pound on your first few weeks, because of the increased muscle glycogen capacity in response to a lot of exercise. Keep persevering though and continue with your exercise, results will come soon.

2. You Are Experiencing Too Much Stress

This part of a persons lifestyle change is often overlooked most of the time. Remember, stress affects your hormone levels, motivation and your weight loss progress, it is important that you channel your stress properly towards something that will allow you to let out that frustration.


Going to the gym regularly will allow you to get rid of that stress, thus resulting in faster results.

3. You Are Not Eating the Right Calories

Calorie intake can sometimes be a very tricky subject, because eating too little calories is just simply bad, if not worse than eating too much. Its very possible that you are not eating the right calorie intake for your body type which is why you are not losing enough weight.


Take note that you need nutrients for your body to help burn the fat in your body, so before you get the exercise out of your way, make sure that you set aside a calorie limit for each day to help you lose weight faster.

4. You Are Too Impatient

Mind set is always key to success. If it’s already been a month and you’ve only lost 4 pounds? That is a good thing, but if you are starting to become impatient because that is the only progress you gain for the past month that you have been working out? That is wrong.


Get rid of impatience, because this will just make you frustrated. Be happy that at least in that time frame you were able to lose something, and be thankful that you are one step closer to reaching your goal. Take baby steps, nothing good ever comes easy you know.

5. You Are Too Focused on Your Weight

Yes, we are all guilty of obsessing over our weight even if we are not supposed to, but you should know that too much obsession it just meaningless. Body transformations take time, and it is almost always about fat loss.


If you are losing fat, then you are doing great. Improve your relationship with your weighing scale even if you hate it, to track your progress.

6. You Are Not Making an Effort to Be More Active

Do you like sitting in front of the TV the entire day? A little activity can go a very long way. Sometimes a single workout that is followed by a day of inactivity is never enough.

It helps to buy something that will make your activities entertaining like a pedometer or a watch that will track the steps that you take each day.


Have fun with these devices like turning it into a game, that way if your steps are less than 5000; you can challenge yourself to go higher than that.

7. You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you are not getting at least 8 hours of sleep in a day, then chances are your weight loss efforts will go to waste. Sleep affects everything you do from your appetite down to your glucose metabolism.


Make sure that you make sleep a priority everyday, so that your chances of weight loss are higher.

8. You Are Not Consistent

If you go the gym once every other week, then your weight loss is not going anywhere. Consistency is major key to becoming successful on your way to fitness. The same goes for your diet as well.


You can’t expect to eat off your diet plan whenever you feel like it or whenever you get the urge to cheat. Make sure that you make a plan that you can stick to like glue, so that you do not end up lapsing.

9. You Have Reached the Work out Plateau

Don’t be alarmed if you experience this, because it is quite normal. When the work out plateau consumes your body, it means that you do not mix up your workouts, which is the result of your body becoming too accustomed to your workout.


You might want to consider implementing a few other workouts or tricks into your workout, so that your body gets the jolt it needs to burn calories.

10. You Don’t Put Enough Intensity into Your Workouts

Weight loss means that you have to push yourself to your limits to get the results that you want. Don’t expect your body to drop fat on its own because you have just been doing cardio most of the time at the gym.


Remember, if you make the exercise hard for your body, there will be more chances of burning fat.

11. You Are Not Sticking to Your Diet

As much as we don’t want to admit that sometimes we fall off the wagon, eating processed food is the number one killer when it comes to diets.


If you want your weight loss program to work, you have to make sure that you stick to your diet at all times, and you eat food that is important for your progress.

12. You Lack Motivation

Motivation can be hard to maintain at times, but if you want all of your efforts to work, you have to make sure that you do not stop and find other ways to motivate yourself to lose weight.


13. You Have a Medical Condition

Sometimes there are other reasons aside from not eating properly that can cause weight loss, and that sometimes can involve your health.


If you think you are not losing weight because of a medical concern, or if it is the other way around, make sure to talk to a doctor, to rule out any possible sickness.

14. Your Metabolism Has Adapted

If you have not been taking your calories correctly, it can severely affect your metabolism. Your body adapts to calorie restrictions by slowing the production of hormones in your body. Make sure to improve your metabolism, by re-feeds and exercise.


15. You Don’t Have Any Plans of Changing Lifestyle

Sometimes, long term weight loss effects don’t come from dieting alone, it will also mean that you change a lot of habits and lifestyle practices. You will have to give up most of the things that you used to do, to give way for new habits that will be better for your body.


16. You Don’t Need to Loose Weight Anymore

Through all your weight loss efforts, have you ever considered the fact that maybe it is time to stop because you do not need to lose any more? If you are small in built, the problem might be a lack of lean body mass, and not excess weight.


Yes you might still have some fat that you may need to lose, but it will also mean that you need to gain some muscle while maintaining your body weight means that you are losing some fat.

17. You Are Too Focused on Eating Carbs

Carbs are necessary for fueling high intensity workouts, but too much can be bad especially if you are trying to lose weight. The secret to carbs is to only use it when you need to.


It is made energy; so if you are planning on eating carbs but your going to be sitting behind a desk all day long, make sure to be active as much as you can so that all the carbs get burned.

18. You Haven’t Learned How to Shop Yet

If you spent too much time in the aisles, then you would probably know where you lack. The perimeter of a grocery store is where you will find most of the healthy food. Make sure that you find your way there, instead of going through each of the aisles.


19. You Snack Too Much

if you are hungry and you need a snack, make sure not to over do it. Eat something that is tasty but healthy like veggies and some blue cheese dip, fruits and some dark chocolate dips, sweet potato wedges, and other food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins.


That way if you over eat, you wont feel too bad about eating too much.

20. Your Not Including Strength Training

Some people tend to focus too much time in their cardio, because they think that is the real fat burner, but in reality it is actually strength training.


Strength training should be the focal point of every weight loss exercise routine; this will ensure that you lose more fat than on the treadmill.

Final Words

There are many reasons that can contribute to a failed weight loss program, but most of those reasons will depend on how you act towards your fitness goals.

If you do not do anything about it, then there will be more chances of you becoming unsuccessful. Make sure to take note of your progress, and do everything you can to maintain your diet and exercise goals. Also, you should check running shoes for high arches for your daily running activity.

Not losing weight or not seeing results right away means that you are not working hard enough to accomplish your fitness goal. Do everything in your power to get the results you want.