8 Reasons Yelling Passive Smokers Have a Higher Risk than Active Smokers!

Smoking seems to a be a really hard habit for many people to give up. To a smoker, a cigarette is perfect with a cup of coffee, tea or alcoholic drink. It eases stress and worry. It provides something to do with your hands when socializing with friends and family.


Unfortunately, their friends and family are the ones who are at higher risk because:

1. They Do Not Use a Filter

When people smoke a cigarette, they often use the filter on the cigarette so that they do not inhale the harmful smoke.

This is something that can guarantee the safety of the active smoker. The passive smokers on the other side inhale what the people smoking have exhaled and the burning of the cigarette.

This is very risky because they take in all the harmful stuff that the people smoking are protected from. It is, therefore, crucial that people stay away from places whereby people smoke.

2. They Take in Smaller Particles

The passive smokers take in what is referred to as the side stream, and this is the smoke that has gone through the lungs of the people smoking.

The filters in the cigarettes remove the particles of nicotine and tar that people might inhale, and this makes the mainstream cleaner and with larger particles.

When they exhale, the particles are now smaller and can stay airborne for a longer period. This is also able to ensure that they go deeper into the lungs hence causing more damage to the passive smokers.

3. Combustion Is at Lower Temperatures

You should know the mainstream smoke is usually as a result of higher temperatures, therefore, able to reduce the carcinogenic chemicals. The bottom end of the cigarette releases smoke at low temperatures, and this can expose the passive smokers to more harmful particles.

This puts the passive smokers at greater risk because they get the harmful particles released by the active smokers.

4. Side And Main Stream of Smoke

This puts the passive smokers in a worse position since they get the smoke from the cigarettes and the people smoking. The smoke released when people smoke referred to as the mainstream smoke, and it contains some harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, the smoke from the burning cigarette is known as the side stream smoke, and the passive smokers take in this too. This means that the passive smokers take in more harmful material as compared to the people smoking.

5. Take in Tobacco Smoke for a Longer Period

It is a known fact that tobacco smoke usually hangs around in mid-air rather than disperse therefore exposing the passive smokers for a longer time. The hot air usually rises, but the tobacco can cool off fast hence stopping the upward climb.

This means that if in a household there is a smoker who smokes in the room; s/he creates a more permanent cloud that the other people will eventually have to take in.

The tobacco smoke is known to have several chemicals some of which are carcinogenic. This, therefore, means that the passive smokers are at greater risk compared to the active ones.

6. Increase the Chances of Miscarriage and Stillbirth

Passive smoking is very dangerous to the expectant mothers since the harmful chemicals can interfere with the well-being of the baby. Given the fact that the passive smokers take both the mainstream and sidestream smoke, the chances of stillbirth and miscarriage are higher.

Other effects include giving birth to a baby with slightly lower weight. In most instances, this occurs when the partner is the one who smokes in the house.

7. Higher Chances of Heart Diseases

Passive smoking usually results in making the blood sticky hence reducing the flow of blood. This also makes the blood clot a lot which affects the average circulation of blood the body. Diseases such as arteriosclerosis are likely to affect the arteries.

The passive smokers take in all the harmful smoke, therefore, exposing them to greater risks related to the heart diseases.

8. Children Breathe Faster

Children are the known passive smoker, and they are easily affected by their body are still developing and is not able to handle the smoke. They also have faster breathing rates which spread the effects of the side stream and the mainstream smoke within a very short time.